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My approach to each wedding is fun, relaxed and natural, nothing staged, and nothing posed.

I don’t set up any shots or get you into silly awkward poses. I don’t work from shot lists and I definitely won’t ask you to hold your rings up to the camera or form you and your guests into cheesy heart-shaped group shots.

If that’s what you want then I’m probably not the photographer for you.

Throughout the day I’m constantly observing, looking for the moments. All weddings are unique. The location, the people, the moments, the speeches, the laughs, the tearful moments, each and every one is unique to that day.

Moments like this can’t be staged or re-created, they just happen. I completely immerse myself in the day, becoming more of a wedding guest than “the wedding photographer”.

There are so many things to be thinking about during your wedding and I don’t want photography to be one of them. Therefore you can relax and enjoy your day, safe knowing that all those critical moments are being captured.

The Booking Process

First of all is the booking process, nice and simple, this is how it works…


You have looked through my website and like what you see so either text me, call me or complete the contact form and I’ll get back to you ASAP with my availability and full pricing.


We can then arrange a quick chat over the phone or via Facetime/Zoom just to see if we get on and if you have any questions or concerns plus you can see I’m not some sort of weirdo!


If you want to go ahead and book I’ll say a huge “THANK YOU!”, and send a link to my booking page. You complete the booking form, pay the booking fee and I’m all yours.


I’ll be available for any advice right up until the day itself and I’ll be in touch approx a month before your wedding just to confirm your final payment, the timings and details.

Bridal Prep

This typically starts a couple of hours before the bride needs to leave for the ceremony. I turn up, say my hello’s and just crack on with what I do. No need to set up any photos, no asking you to pretend to put make-up on, it’s all-natural as it happens. Bridal prep is also a good way for your bridal party to get to know me and for you all to relax in front of the camera.


I usually, arrive 20 mins or so before the ceremony. I’ll capture your guests arriving, a nervous groom and be ready to capture the bride’s arrival. Then after the ceremony, I capture the confetti and all the hugs and kisses that follow.

Drinks Reception

Time for you both to start to relax whilst I’ll capture all the little moments that happen. During this time we can also go for a few couple portrait’s if you want them. Literally, 5-10 mins just going for a walk together whilst I capture you both being yourselves with no posing whatsoever!

No Posing Portraits

That’s right, I don’t pose people. I might go so far as to suggest where a couple go and walk or stand, but I want you to just be yourselves on the wedding day and I want my images to reflect you and your personality.

In fact, the portrait side of the day is much more relaxed than I think most of my couples perceive, it’s about taking a quiet moment away, going for a walk and reflecting on what the hell just happened!!! Couple portraits usually take place over 1 or 2 sessions, no more than 10 minutes long!

Group Photos

The family photos are important, but I don’t want to spend 45 minutes standing in the same spot whilst a conveyer belt of people keeps coming along, that’s really not my idea of fun or yours I’d imagine. So let’s keep it nice and short, just a handful of photos of your most important family and friends.

If you want 20 -30 different configurations of posed family photographs including cheesy heart shapes, I’m probably not the guy for your wedding!

The Speeches

This is when the nerves really kick in especially for the Groom and the Best Man! I’ll be constantly observing and listening ready to capture all the laughter, fun and emotional moments.

The Dancefloor!

Once the cake is cut and your first dance is over it’s the time were you and your guests can let your hair down and go wild! I like to get in close with a super wide angle lens and a touch flash to capture all the crazy dancing.

One thing is for sure, I’m not one of those photographers who has the engine running 10 minutes after the first dance!! I bloody love the dancefloor, and I’m not afraid to document it.

After the Wedding

You will receive a preview set of about 25 images within 48 hrs and a link to your final full set of images via your own private password-protected gallery after 3-5 weeks.

Frequently asked questions

How far will you travel?

Although I’m based in Lincoln I am available throughout the UK and also available to photograph destination weddings abroad. There are no extra charges for travel throughout the UK but for destination weddings return flights, 3 nights accommodation and possibly a hire car will be required.

Do you cover group photographs?

I certainly do, but not all couples want them. If you do, be aware group shots can sometimes be a long, drawn-out process especially if people go missing to the bar or toilets.

If you do require group shots, please try and keep these down to a maximum of 10 groups in total. These are also done in a very relaxed way. I will not form you up into cheesy heart-shaped group shots etc. That’s just not me!

Also if you can nominate a person (usually the best man) who is prepped with the list of groups to round up the guests that would help massively.

What about Bride & Groom couple portraits?

Yes if you want them, I can do these also, but I won’t get you standing around posing for hours as a traditional photographer would. Instead, I will ask you to hold hands and go for a short walk together or stand in a particular location and just be yourselves. No posing I promise!

This also gives you time to get away from it all and have a little quiet time together for the first time as newlyweds.

How will I receive my images and how long after my wedding?

After your wedding, you will receive a link to a sneak preview within a few days and then your final full set within 3-5 weeks, along with a wedding highlights slideshow to music. If you want your images really fast, I can do a 7-day turnaround for £250.

What happens if you are ill?

It’s never happened but I would honestly say I would have to be bed-bound not to make a wedding, however, if this was to happen, I know some fantastic wedding photographers who would be able to stand in.

What happens if your camera breaks and are you insured?

On the day I always have on me 2 cameras and 2 lenses along with spare batteries and memory cards. I also have a spare camera and other lenses in a bag. Regarding insurance, I have full liability and indemnity insurance.

Get in Touch

So if you have just booked your wedding venue and are looking for a Lincolnshire wedding photographer or anywhere else for that matter then get in touch, I’d love to hear all about you and your plans.

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