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So after the question has been asked and you have said ‘yes’ you have both decided to get married in Lincolnshire, therefore, you will need to look at some of these fabulous Wedding Venues in Lincolnshire. 

Home to England’s most breathtaking countryside, with a sprawling landscape and untouched natural beauty, Lincolnshire wedding venues present a unique allure. A rich history has left medieval halls and ornate gardens scattered across the county, although many are desirable venues in themselves, the choice begs much consideration. 

A wedding venue sets the tone for the entire ceremony. From the classic grandeur of Doddington Hall to the graceful modesty of Charlotte House Hotel, every wedding venue comes with its own charm. Choosing the right one takes a little time and research but is a rewarding journey of its own. 

Consider the atmosphere and energy you want to convey, as well as the expectations you’ve had since your proposal. Your venue should complement the theme of your wedding, regardless of its scope. 

Some couples prefer a laid-back ceremony that may lead them to a smaller and more intimate venue, while others want to mark the celebration with their unique splendour. The right venue will achieve the air you desire. 

Another major consideration is the details and logistics behind the ceremony. The location, size, and expenses, all play a major role in planning your wedding. To help you along the way, here’s a list of some of Lincolnshire’s premier wedding venues.

doddington hall1. DODDINGTON HALL

A wedding venue near Lincoln, this Elizabethan manor offers an elegant environment with a history dating back to the 1500s and the use of several beautiful areas on the property. The Long Gallery is located in the main building and available for larger ceremonies up to 200, a beautifully lit space with a classically kept interior. The Coach House, used for smaller ceremonies up to 70 or receptions up to 150, has a refurbished modern design.

The Doddington Hall wedding team is dedicated to providing a personalized experience to all parties. Catering and other custom services are offered by the staff, as well as onsite accommodation in the hall for both you and your guests. The ground gardens and surrounding areas also present great photography opportunities. Only a single wedding is booked on a given day, so there’s no chance of scheduling conflicts either.

Prices range from £1,750 to £3,000 depending on the time of season, with another £120 per person. Booking the Long Gallery is an additional £250. Rooms are offered at a reduced price to both you and your guests, so your stay may span several days.

the white hart hotel Lincoln2. CHARLOTTE HOUSE HOTEL

As a wedding venue in Lincoln, Charlotte House is located in the Cathedral Quarter of the City of Lincoln and was constructed in the Art Deco period, which is exhibited in its luxurious rooms. The Library emphasizes the elegant style of the hotel, a perfect space for weddings with a traditional theme. The Terrace offers a more informal setting with access to the outdoor scenery and nature. Lastly, the Orangery is the highlight of the hotel, with a two-story glass wall and a beautiful natural view, it’s a prime location for entertainment and dining. This venue can also host up to 120 guests.

Charlotte House Hotel offers three wedding packages, each with its own specifications but all customizable to be tailored to your desired experience. The hotel also has state of the art sound and lighting systems, to allow for controlled ambience. Catering and entertainment are offered, ass may be reserved ahead of time. 

Prices di well as inclusive accommodation for the bride and groom. For an exclusive experience, all 14 roomffer depending on the number of guests but range from £4,250 to £6,850. However, a 15% discount is given with pre-payment within four weeks of the deposit.

stubton hall, nottinghamshire3. STUBTON HALL

Away from the hustle and bustle of cities, a gem set in 24 acres of the rural English countryside, this 19th-century manor offers both the grandeur of its Georgian architecture and the intimacy of its cosy rooms. With several locations indoors and outdoors, it can accommodate ceremonies year-round. The park is incandescent while the hall interior is elegantly filled with paintings and antiques, all locations provide opportune scenes for photographs. This venue can host up to 200 guests, but the hall only offers 25 bedrooms.

Stubton Hall prides itself in its exclusivity, rest assured you will have it all to yourself on your wedding day. From catering and wine selection to decorations and flower arrangements, their team strives to create your dream wedding with their diverse offerings. Their versatility allows you to customize your package to your exact specifications. 

Prices for booking the venue range from £1,500 to £6,800, depending on the day and season you desire. Additionally, there is a per person charge which varies between packages, ranging from £117 to £187. In peak seasons a minimum booking of 70 adult guests are required, but off-season the minimum is set to just 2 adult guests. Bedrooms range from £145 to £199.

scrivelsby walled garden4. SCRIVELSBY WALLED GARDEN

This unique venue offers an experience that is wholly it’s own. A down to earth location steeped in a natural ambience. Scrivelsby Walled Garden offers a woodland aesthetic complete with a stylized bohemian pavilion, all beautifully situated in a 250-year-old garden. From a formal garden to a wild meadow, this venue is perfect for those who want a more laid-back, grounded ceremony. The newlyweds and guests are even invited to camp in the designated camping field. Kata Tipis with wooden flooring are the main ceremony location, but the surrounding wildlife is perfect for photography and wandering. 

Exclusive catering for Scrivelsby is offered by the Rolling Scone, a professional team with a wide range of talents and the flexibility to adapt to your desired menu. You will have exclusive use of the compound, including a dance floor with a retro disco ball, a full-service bar, coloured spotlights, and sparkling fairy lights.

Prices range from £4,995 to £6,995, while catering starts at £35 per person for the first 100 guests. 


Built-in the 19th century, this beautiful hotel features classic Edwardian architecture bestowing it a traditional English charm. Situated on 2 acres of woodland, it neighbours the home of the English Golf Union. The area’s fine weather and scenic landscapes make for excellent golf fields, but of course even better outdoor weddings. At this venue, you have the option of setting your ceremony in their outdoor area, which features an enchanting stone folly in a beautiful yard. Indoors, you encounter the tastefully decorated interior. The intimate Garden Room can seat up to 30 guests, while the larger modernly styled Oak Room can seat up to 80 guests. 

The Dower House emphasizes bespoke experiences. All ceremonies are appointed a personal wedding coordinator to build your wedding from the ground up. Your input and requests are valued down to the finest details. Among their esteemed services, they offer flower arrangements, catering, entertainment, and fireworks, all provided by skilled professionals. The newlyweds are also offered a complimentary booking in one of the hotel’s most romantic rooms. The hotel can accommodate other guests who wish to stay overnight in 20 luxurious bedrooms, booked ahead of time.

With no standard packages, all weddings are priced differently to fit within your specifications and budget. 

abbey farm weddings venue6. ABBEY FARM WEDDINGS

An exclusive family-run barn wedding venue situated in the Lincolnshire countryside next to the ruins of Kirkstead Abbey, Abbey Farm Weddings is one of my favourite venues in Lincolnshire and I’m also one of their recommended photographers.

Ceremonies can be held on-site, either indoors or outdoors. Abbey Farm is home to St Leonard’s Church, a beautiful 13th Century church where your marriage or blessing ceremony can take place.

Abbey Farm Weddings venue is EXCLUSIVE to you with pricing ranging from £5250 to £9000

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