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Are you planning your big day? Congratulations! This is an exciting journey filled with milestones and memories. Yet, the chances are there’s another “M” word on your mind: Money.

In your quest to keep your budget lean, you might be considering cutting corners on your wedding photography. After all, can’t a family member snap a few pics with their iPhone?

While it’s easy to understand this mentality, professional wedding photography is one investment you just can’t afford to skip. Today, we’re sharing a few of the top reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer and why wedding photography is important.


Simply possessing a fancy camera doesn’t make someone a photographer. Your aunt might have a DSLR, but unless she’s photographed weddings for years, she might not have the skills required to make the best use of it.

A professional photographer has years of experience in the industry. Not only is their equipment top-notch, but they know how to get the best shots. They also know how to capture the best lighting, how to style each moment, and how to bring out your personality on camera. 

These are skills you can’t replicate. You have to hone them, and an expert has put in the time. 


Did you realise there are many styles of wedding photography? You’re not just looking for someone to take ‘snaps’ on your day, but someone to create your lasting memories. Your wedding photography should be as unique as you are. The images need to capture who you are, what you are, and who matters to you.

There are still old-school traditional wedding photographers out there who like to do endless formal posed photos, but there is also a range of styles and approaches. Choose a style and approach that fits with who you are as a couple.

You’ll see styles like editorial, Fine Art, documentary, storytelling, natural, alternative, photojournalism, and more, but be aware some are the same!  Most couples who book me are clear they want natural, unposed photography as they don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, but they know they want their day captured perfectly.  That’s why I work 99% of the day in a documentary style.

What this tends to mean is that photography is natural. I capture events as they happen. Nothing is staged or recreated. My couples relax around me and I capture them as they really are. I focus on storytelling – images that can speak words, that sum up a feeling, a moment, an emotion. Within this, there is an artistic and creative take on your day. I see things differently. I look for the quirky moments, and the potential epic shots and make sure your wedding photographs are something you will love.


On your wedding day, you should be able to focus on your love and those who came to celebrate it.

You shouldn’t have to worry about finding a great spot around the venue to take pictures before and after. You don’t need to fuss over how to pose your wedding party or how many posed vs. natural shots you should capture. In addition, you shouldn’t have to worry about distracting flashes and clicks going off during your ceremony. 

A professional documentary photographer will not only blend in seamlessly and discreetly but they’ll also be well-versed in the flow of the day. They’ll take control of all the details, so you don’t have to.


What happens if you trust your best friend from college to photograph your wedding and their phone dies right after you exchange vows? What if your uncle’s hard drive crashes and all of his pictures are lost?

It takes a lot of money and time to invest in photography equipment, including systems that serve as backups. A pro will always have a Plan B and can ensure that none of your great shots is ever lost. 


From wedding slideshows to digital albums, a professional photographer will allow you to select from several different packages that include a range of products. These make it easy to relive your special moments again and again. 

Each of my wedding photography packages includes more than 400 images of your big day. These are high-resolution photographs and all are individually edited. This is the kind of attention to detail that only comes from years of study and experience in this industry. 


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life so why risk all the lasting memories to somebody who doesn’t know what they are doing.

At the end of the day, the images you receive back are the only way to remember every aspect of your special day. Wedding photography is more than another item on your to-do list; it’s essential to preserving your memories for life and that’s why wedding photography is important.

It doesn’t make sense to trust these moments to anyone who can’t deliver the quality you deserve.

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